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Enable the (Hidden) Administrator Account on Windows 7 or Vista June 13, 2010

Posted by ruzanweb in Hack and Tricks.
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Many people familiar with prior versions of Windows are curious what happened to the built-in Administrator account that was always created by default. Does this account still exist, and how can you access it?

The account is created in Windows 7 or Vista, but since it’s not enabled you can’t use it. If you are troubleshooting something that needs to run as administrator, you can enable it with a simple command.

Note: You really shouldn’t use this account for anything other than troubleshooting. In fact, you probably shouldn’t use it at all.

Enable Built-in Administrator Account

First you’ll need to open a command prompt in administrator mode by right-clicking and choosing “Run as administrator” (or use the Ctrl+Shift+Enter shortcut from the search box)

Now type the following command:



Delete or Remove Recycle bin Icon from Desktop June 11, 2010

Posted by ruzanweb in Hack and Tricks.
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If you are the kind of person who always likes neatness specially desktop, then here is a small trick for you that will simply remove the Recycle bin icon from desktop.

Follow the steps below:

[Start] [Run] [Regedit]
Registry Key: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\


Modify/Create the Value Data Type(s) and Value Name(s) as detailed below.

Data Type: DWORD // Value Name: NukeOnDelete

Setting for Value Data: [0 = Use Recycle Bin / 1 = Permanently Delete]
Exit Registry and Reboot

Another Method

start->run->gpedit.msc-> user configuration ->desktop->remove recycle bin from desktop->double click->change it not configured to enable->apply and ok.

now come to start->run->gpupdate.exe and press enter.

your recycle bin icon is gone from desktop nad you will need to revert your settings for get that back.

after reverting setting make sure to run gpupdate.exe command

How to Remove Kaspersky Temporary files to Free up disk space April 7, 2010

Posted by ruzanweb in Hack and Tricks.
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If you have Kaspersky Antivirus or Internet Security installed on your PC, then you will notice loss of disk space. This space is mostly acquired by the temporary files that are stored by Kaspersky. I freed about 5.7 GB of space from my PC by removing these temporary files, which were around 200+ each having a size of 25MB (Approx).

You can also free up your disk space, by following the simple steps below:

1. Open Kaspersky Settings > Options and disable the Self -Defense option.

2. Now Exit your Kaspersky product ( KAV or KIS ).

3. Enable “Show Hidden files and folders” option from the folder options.

4. Go to C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Kaspersky Lab\AVP8

5. Open the “Data” folder where you will find many files named as av1A.tmp, av2A.tmp, etc. and other files and folder.


Properly select all the files having a .tmp extension and leave all other folders and files. Then delete all the temporary files ie. .tmp files. Make sure you don’t delete any other file. You will now notice a high reduction in your disk space.

6. Now Start Kaspersky and turn ON Self–Defense.

>> It is completely safe to remove these files as they are temporary files which have been used earlier by Kaspersky. I have tried it myself on my PC, So Don’t Worry

Update – Windows 7 & Vista users need to open this path: C:\ProgramData\Kaspersky Lab\AVP9\Bases\Cache to find the .tmp files and delete them.

Your friend

Ruzan Muhammad

I Love You March 3, 2010

Posted by ruzanweb in Love Poems.
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Dancing leaves,
The wind blows slow,
Hold me tight,
Please don’t let go,

I rely on you,
You hold my heart,
I’ve loved you dearly,
Right from the start,

Feeling immaculate,
When I’m with you,
Your lips close to mine,
Oh yes, please do,

Hesitantly you kiss me,
Warm in your embrace,
Reassured with a smile,
You caress my face,

Whisper you love me,
I know that it’s true,
I’m promising you baby,
That I love you too.


I’ll still be loving you March 3, 2010

Posted by ruzanweb in Love Poems, Poems.
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I’m mad, I’m bitter; I don’t know what to do
It’s irritating, degrading, and a little pathetic too
I try and I try to get my real feelings through
Whatever’s going on, babe I still love you

It’s hard to handle, sometimes my heart cracks
When trust and patience is what we seem to lack
We could fight for days, back to back
And I’ll still be loving you when we’re not on track

I get you upset, you get me uptight
It gets loud, it gets hurtful, these little petty fights
It makes me not want you even in sight
But baby I still love you when things aren’t going right

I’ll be hanging by a thread, ready to let go
You hold my hand, not ready to do so
We’re still angry and sad, but just so you know
I still love you when we’ve reached our low

And it feels like too much, I know I promised I wouldn’t leave
Sometimes I wonder why that decisions always up to me
I just want you to be happy, in love, and stress free
Babe I’ll still love you, even if things aren’t meant to be

I’ll cry all night in bed, I admit I lose sleep
I try to remember whatever I sow, I’ll also reap
So I hang on to how I fell in love, so fast and so deep
Sugar, I still love you when this road seems so steep

I’m mad, I’m bitter, but I know what to do
Hang on, buckle up, and put all my trust in you
I’ll love you because I know you’re loving me too
So hang on, buckle up, and look forward to something new